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Credit Captains’
Conference 2022

Strategies, Tactics, and Best Practices to Help
Credit Leaders Steer Through the Recession.


Expert Speakers



Panel Discussions


3 Days

Of Networking

  Sept 14 - 16, 2022 | Venue - Online

Agenda and Focus Areas

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Play Offense Into The Recession!

As a credit leader, you are already under pressure from the top to safeguard your A/R against rising inflation, interest rate hikes, and a looming recession. Join this 3-day online conference to get recession advice from 20+ industry experts as they revisit lessons from the Great Recession (2007-09), discuss best practices, and suggest 6 offensive tactics that you need to implement right away!


1. Get sales’ and CFO’s buy-in on risk mitigation tactics

2. Reduce bad debt with creative payment plans

3. Build an action plan for bankrupt customers

4. Secure your transactions with Collaterals and Liens

5. Make sure your UCC filings comply with the latest laws

6. Recruit and retain top talent with career growth opportunities

Expert Panel Discussions

Our expert insights reveal six offensive tactics across three key areas
that will position your team to thrive in a recession.

Featured Speakers

Meet the world’s leading Credit Captains' and Thought Leaders
sharing the latest approaches to make smarter credit decisions.

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Robert Shultz

Founder, Quote to Cash Solution

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Dr. Chris Kuehl

Managing Director, Armada
Corporate Intelligence

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Jeff Perlstein

Director, Berlin Packaging

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Romelio Hernandez

President, HMH Legal

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Paul Hill

President, Job Search Intelligence

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Robin Walters

Global Credit Manager, Keithly-
Williams Seeds Inc.

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Luise Noreiga

Lender Account Manager, Export-
Import Bank of the United States

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Cynthia Weime

Manager, Retail Collections

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Andrea Wolfe

Director, Northwest Hardwoods

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Octavio Jose Aronis

Partner, Aronis Advogados

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Magdalena Romo

Credit Manager, LK Packaging

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Mary LeFevre

Credit Manager, Pretium

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Pam Krank

President, The Credit Department,

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Kelly Schmidt

Senior Manager, Zillow

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Paul Levy

Credit Manager, Lucchese

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Dave Schmidt

Bestselling Author and
Sustainable Food Advocate

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Beate Egloff

Director of Product Managment,
First Corpoarate Solutions

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Free on-demand courses on UCC Liens, Credit & Collection Laws, and
Financial Statement Analysis

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Free ready-to-use downloadable templates designed by industry

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Credit Captain’s Conference is a 3-day online event with virtual sessions by 20+ industry experts. Once you register, you will get a calendar invite with the Zoom link. The link will remain same for all the three days. Simply join, grab a notepad and pen, enjoy!

Credit Captain’s Conference is free of cost for now. However, we have a limited number of seats. Register now to secure your spot.

Yes, we will send the Online Event recordings, presentations and any exercise or actionable download material to the registered email ID. You will receive all of these within a week of the Online Event.

If you have any questions, drop an email to mike.yakiemchuk@highako.com