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[Free] 16 Antitrust Laws Violations Trade Creditors Need To Be Aware of

Download this free checklist to self-assess your credit team's actions against the antitrust violations.


50% of B2B credit departments across the globe are accidentally violating the Antitrust Laws. Recently, Google and Facebook were under the threat of $200 Billion for violating the Law. Here is an actionable litmus test to understand where and how exactly your organization is committing any criminal or civil violations of Antitrust Laws.


Highako Author Robert Shultz

Founder, Quote to Cash Solution

What's inside?

  • 16 critical Antitrust Laws Violations

  • 4 Pillars of Federal Antitrust Laws

  • 10 Sherman/Clayton Antitrust Act violations leading to criminal actions

  • 4 Robinson-Patman self-assessment checklist to ensure fair-competition

  • 2 most essential facts about the Federal Trade Commission Act that you didn't know